Our Human Resources Policy

Our Methods

‘Complete Satisfaction’ is only provided by the quality service offer. Those who will properly perform our service are our employees.

The objective of our human resources application is to provide institutional loyalty of our employees and make the loyalty increased.

Some of our methods:
  • To create a corporate culture.
  • To create a work environment which give our employees excitement and pride.
  • To provide the security of life and property of our personnel.
  • To make our employees partners for company objectives.
  • To choose suitably qualified people for job definitions with the approach of “the right person for the right work”.
  • To attempt to have our employees long term work for the company.
  • To keep the qualified employees in the company.
  • To ensure an balanced payroll distribution.
  • To have our employees reach a productive and active performance level by organizing theoretical and practical trainings for them.
  • To apply the performance management system actively and productively to evaluate the performance of our employees regularly with objective criteria and measurable goals.
  • To give support the career plannings of our employees by canalizing orientations and appointments in compliance with their performances.

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Our Principles

  • To pay regard to the benefit of society.
  • To be sensitive to the environment.
  • To be accessible to solidarity and sharing for the team spirit.
  • To be transparent
  • To act fairly.
  • To be innovative.
  • To be accessible to the ideas creating the difference.
  • To think long-term
  • To be perfectionist.

Recruitment and Orientation Process

In the evaluation phase of job application, the candidate properties which we are looking for are:
  • An effective communication skill
  • A predisposition to team work
  • To be result-oriented
  • Creativity and entrepreneurship
  • To be open for improvement
  • Managerial competence
  • Customer awareness
  • We provide orientation training for the employees joining us recently to accommodate them to the company and the work.

As part of this program;
  • We introduce our enterprise system which we depend on.
  • We inform about the vision, the mission and the targets of our company.
  • We explain the human resources strategies and practises of our company.
  • We explain theoretically our departments, their operations of the departments and the requirements needed for the corresponding position to our employees and offer opportunity to apply.
  • We hold an assessment test consisting of different question type for each of the education objects in the end of the programme.
  • We evaluate our employees about the subjects conveyed in training and inform again about the subject headings which are found deficiency and/or inadequate.
  • We pay regard the personal rights of our new workmates and perform our legal obligations under the control of our legal advisers.

The Perfection and Performance Assessment Process

  • Our executives determine the annual targets of the company at the beginning of every year.
  • We share these targets with our employees.
  • We clarify the targets expected from them in this direction.
  • We evaluate in the presence of the executives what extent the employees reach the target in monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually periods.
  • Concerned department managers meet with their employees about the performance evaluation in accordance with evaluation results.
  • We provide to be applied the needed corrective actions in order that our employees improve their performance in accordance with the evaluation results.
  • We record all of the evaluations and results electronically in compliance with our principle of transparency.

The Reasons Why We Apply The Performance Management System Are

  • To prompt our employees to work with maximum performance with the aim of attaining the excellent performance in company.
  • To evaluate and manage the performance of our employees based on objective criteria and measurable targets.
  • To reward them.

The Career Planning Process

  • We determine the employees who love and interest in the job and have high performance and competence after the performance evaluation results and the competence evaluation studies.
  • We ensure the work environment being necessary to improve their craft knowledge and skills.
  • We make them ready for the jobs having more responsibilities

We give importance the applications that improve the quality of our employees’ life. Therefore, we closely follow all the phases of their career planning processes.

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