Message From The Executive

Dear stakeholders,

Bilintur Catering Centre was established in 1993, in order to provide catering service for the students and teaching staff of İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University. Starting from the day of inception, up to this day, as a company, we are assessing all kinds of technological infrastructure opportunities offered by the sector. Today, with the pride of having become a brand synonymous with quality, and being among the important actors of the industry, we are providing catering services throughout our country.

The first reason for us to be among the successful names in the industry in our country is our serious studies as Bilkent Catering Centre, to assess the demands of consumers with newly emerging technologies.

Bilintur Catering Centre, as a company that closely follow the scientific and technological developments in the industry and as the first to implement such developments, is a brand that is highlighted by its quick solution producing capacity, customer-oriented approach, care for innovation, devoutness to its work, and its corporate identity.

In the facilities of Bilintur Catering Centre, latest technology equipment is used and personnel and labor productivity is ensured. With more than 110.000 couverts served daily, we do believe that our company's success for many years throughout Turkey, comes from the importance that we attach to our work and to human health.

Our company is an establishment of Bilkent Holding, which has given importance for multi-dimensional and independent thoughts, holding its companies together by making inter-disciplinary crossings. Bilkent Holding owes its success of all its ventures and investments, to its principles and close monitoring of and rapid adaptation to all global developments. We are proud to contribute to the continuity of our holding's success as Bilintur Catering Centre family.

I wish our motivation and success to be perpetual, which comes from being a brand that boldly displays its quality in all occasions, always relied and preferred by our customers.

Kind regards,

Vedat Uluğ,
General Manager

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