Institutional Catering

Our firm, which works under the roof of Bilkent Holding, provides catering to above 110.000 people in compliance with European Standards.

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Production in compliance with European standards!

We put the universal standards of the food sector into effect and regularly train our employees and teach them actual information and technology with the aim of reaching these numbers and exceeding them.

Optional Custom Kitchen-Team Building

Our centre and factory floor, where administrative and operational activities are carried out, are in Bilkent University. Moreover, we have been represented with our own managers at the helm of each one in many cities. We also provide production and distribution services by forming special kitchens for the desired places.

Standard Audit

There is no difference between the production and service qualities of the centre and the representations due to our belief in institutional integrity. All of the rules and the audits from purchasing, production processing to cleaning and disinfection being valid in the centre are carried into effect with the same standards under the control of the directors.

Feedback Management

We have developed a software application as named C-Pack in our body for a reliable information flow, We record all the feedbacks and provide that the units properly communicate with other units and customers.
(Personnel profile, requests, number of menu plate, weight in grams, prescription, equipment are specified in the phase of bidding. Information of supplier firms, needed documents, stock cost knowledge, sales and dispatch note documents are provided to customer in phase of purchasing. Suitability of basis weight and recipes of menus are reported in production phase.)

Blast Chiller System

Our cooks use high technology convection ovens for cooking and the system of ‘Blast Chiller” for cooling.
(Blast Chiller System decreases internal temperature of food to +3 C in 90 minutes.)

Control Phase

Every morning, our food engineers record internal temperatures of foods, take a sample from all of the foods and conserve them for 72 hours to prevent bacterial growth.
The taste team controls all of the foods every morning and if there is a problem, the problem is solved at first hand.
(The taste team: the deputy operating manager, the director, the production manager, the chef cook, the master in charge, the food engineer, the dietician)

Nutritional Values

Our dieticians record nutritive values of foods in detail and we share this information with our customers.

Deliver To Address

In the regions where we build the special kitchens, we provide production and distribution services via these kitchens we install. We transport the foods that are prepared within our own structure with thermoports to the address where customers want.

(The thermoports are the capped transporting boxes which prevent bacterial growth and keep the temperature at -20°C / +100C throughout 5 hours without spoiling cold and hot chain.)